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gift box packing process

1. Designing. To make an attractive and beautiful appearance of the gift box is the first and the most important thing to solve. The color of production varied, usually a gift box not only printed with four basic colors, there are a few popular colors such as gold and silver used in the festival gift packing.

2. Paper selection. Usually the gift box paper is double copper and matte copper paper, paper thickness is generally 128gsm, 105gsm, 157gsm, and more than 200 gsm is less used for the paper of gift box, because thick paper mounted out of the gift box is easy to blister, and the appearance looks very dull. Backing paper is based on customer’s need to select the appropriate gray board. 


3. Printing. Gift box is only printed on package paper; backing paper is not printed, dyeing up only. The gift box is a packaging box, so the printing requirement is high; the most taboo thing is color differences, dots and Black version which are bad for the aesthetic. 
4. Surface processing. Surface paper of gift boxes usually do surface processing, the common processing is varnish, UV, coated, matt coated and foil-stamping. 
5. Die cutting. Beer is more important in the printing process, the die cutter must do accurately, if its die-cut is inaccurately or doesn't die cut totally, it affects the next step. 
6. Mounted. Usually the printing productions are mounted before die-cutting, but only the gift boxes are die-cut before mounting. First, this can prevent the gift boxes get dirty , second, keeping a beautiful surface of gift box is the most important thing. 

7. Punching. The last step is to punch or wiping the glue on the surface, then you can pack and deliver the finished gift boxes. 


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