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The Future Market of the High-end Boxed

Four modern packaging material packaging, paper packaging cheap, ease of processing, extensive sources of raw materials, lightweight, unbreakable, easy to degradation and many other features are more obvious, so widely used in daily life. In recent years, China’s packaging industry has developed into a fundamental strategic pillar industry of the national economy.


Compared to the United States, the development of high-end color box packaging industry development needs of high-end box does not match, mainly due to the design of a variety of boxed need to hire large numbers of workers, escalating advanced machinery also requires a lot of experienced operators It operates, which are on the strength of enterprises in staff management presented a huge challenge, potentially forming a soft power threshold for the high-end color box packaging industry. Otherwise, high-margin business will be offset by the internal management of rates, loss of market competitiveness. Thus master advanced production, brand management, especially with rich human resources management experience in the enterprise can rely on its strong production capacity to form their own comparative advantage; while some manufacturers have both economies of scale and vertical production line can also take advantage of its group purchasing patterns, effective control of the upper reaches of procurement costs, the industry formed a competitive cost advantage, occupy the high-end color box packaging market profit margins.

Boxed high-end customized characteristics determine its downstream customers are mainly from the consumer goods leading cosmetics, consumer electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries posed. These orders larger enterprises on the one hand, on the other hand box suppliers speed of delivery, support services and quality details and other aspects of high demand, especially as Apple, Samsung such international consumer electronics leader, different edge design and mobile phone chargers with the part in the nuances of size, thickness, shape and other design, making the box vendors need to invest a lot of manpower in detail further processing, combined with the market at any time there may be a large number of consumers sought , short-term replenishment needs arising to the manufacturers brought no small challenge in terms of stable large customers.


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