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Learn Packaging Print Design Process

  Learn Packaging Print Design Process

Only for packaging classification is not very good for more elements that designers want to. It's like an article, konw the literary genre, but not sure the theme and content. As the packing design is to appear in front of consumers, so still have to pay attention to the layout. After determining good theme and content, packaging design process began, the first step is to give design positioning.
design positioning
Packaging design theme is meaning of packaging design positioning. The main meaning of design positioning is stressed out better than other commodities characteristics, others without considering the important aspects in their packaging. In the design theme, of course, contain a variety of content, such as products and brands, products and consumers, the brand and the consumer. Said content is a little bit more, and to highlight their products characteristics, and to contact with the consumer. Think about all feel like a mass of hemp rope that doesn't open.
So puts forward two Suggestions: must have a key, no key, no content. Also there's no key focus too much. The meaning of two conditions will lead to loss of theme. Other should pay attention to is your packaging design isn’t going to satisfy all consumers.

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