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High Quality Paperboard Magnetic Folding Box Factory

Folding cartons having low cost, easy to transport and storage, easy to sell and display, and good recycling characteristics, widely used in food, pharmaceuticals, fruit juice, milk, tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, cleaning products and electronic products, such as packaging. In the public awareness of environmental protection, the situation continues to appeal to green packaging, folding cartons with excellent environmental advantages, stand out in a number of packaging forms, by the brand and consumers pay more attention and favor.

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From the terminal market, in 2014 the demand for folding cartons and a large proportion were several industries: health care 10%, tobacco by 8%, 7% of household goods, electronic products, 7%, 6% dry food, frozen food 6%, 5% of dairy products, frozen food 4%, 4% personal care products, confectionery 4%, the other 39%, as shown in FIG. It is noteworthy that in the Asian market, with the rapid development of the food processing industry, as well as the gradual improvement of distribution channels and the increasing number of supermarkets, which greatly boosted the growth in demand for folding cartons. At the same time, small electronic products (including smartphones) sales market increasingly popular, also contributed to the increase in folding cartons and cartons microwatts consumption. These two sectors are expected the next few years the demand for folding cartons will maintain a high growth rate.
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In addition to folding cartons in the structure, decoration, functional design aspects of looking for innovative ways to enhance the interaction with the consumer, it is more to innovation in processing technologies and processes, including stamping, embossing, spot coating and other process sectors to further enhance shelf appeal folding carton, while reducing production costs and improve production efficiency. For carton packaging enterprises, we need to constantly focus on new technologies and invest according to their business needs in order to provide more features of folding cartons for the brand owner, together with the customer growth and achieve win-win situation.

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