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Customized Christmas Gift High Quality Paper Cardboard Cosmetic Box

UV printing can achieve partial or total UV printing effects, mainly applied to non-absorbent materials, printing, such as paper Gold, silver cardboard, pearl paper, transparent stickers, plastic, PVC film, PE film, grating materials. Compared with the traditional offset printing, UV printing has a colorful, special printing materials, innovative products, more attractive to the attention of consumers, etc., ideal for cosmetics packaging carton production requirements.

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In addition, UV printing make cosmetics packaging carton with anti-scratch, anti-scratch performance to meet a variety of special features, touch and special graphics requirements, which our customers differentiate their products provide an excellent opportunity. In most production conditions, the product after UV printing can be carried out immediately after finishing, can greatly shorten the time to complete the job, especially the short version of live parts.

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Based on the above-mentioned advantages of UV printing, for further production of green cosmetics packaging carton, to promote low-carbon energy manufacturing companies to forward, by the end of 2014, the company carried out on the existing R & D department of cosmetics packaging carton production process energy saving special studies, R & D focus is in the application of UV printing on more in-depth market to explore, develop new technology.

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